I've always liked musicals, but I recently became really interested in them (thanks to @azilat) so this is the first time I'll be watching the Tony Awards while actually having musicals in mind that I want to win.
  1. The Tony Awards are delayed on the West Coast which means everyone will know the outcome THREE hours before me...
    And I was planning on texting @azilat every five seconds but it's delayed 😭
  2. So I'm going to try to find a live stream on the west coast at 5pm because I want to see this live
  3. @gecko818 and @shivanidiva are coming over to watch too
    they're going to have to deal with me through the show 😁
  4. Anyways I'm SUPER PUMPED
    And if anyone has any info about how to view it live on the west coast earlier, let me know because that would be great 👌(here's a picture of me and @azilat dying because we're at the Richard Rogers seeing Hamilton)