I'd like to follow more people on here. If you have any suggestions of your favorite list-ers (and maybe why you like them) that would be awesome! 😁
  1. @galacticwit kills it!!!
    Suggested by @asapanj
  2. @joannfabrics is one of my favorites
    Because who doesn't like an overly passive aggressive fabric store 👌
  3. @azilat also known as the nerd who I go to school with
    The lists about her family are A+ quality content (especially the ones of things her younger brother does)
  4. I finally convinced them to join the list app and I think they're liking it.
  5. All because they either made me laugh or told a story that squeezed my heart.
    Suggested by @bluepuddles
  6. I feel like I see him everywhere on this app and you should check out his lists, there is some quality content there 👌👍 (he also makes a lot of lists so you will always have new ones to look at)
  7. Hate to be *that guy* but . . . me?
    Someone had to say it! 😃
    Suggested by @RyanDangerSims
  8. @jessicaz #jk500
    Suggested by @aus10
  9. @marymurphy makes me laugh a lot. @joemurphy does quality pop culture lists. @ShawnKelly 's lists are very funny. @nikkilounoel is the sweetest. @kcupcaker is all around quality. And someone already suggested @mbmurray23 and @amieshmamie who are two of my favorites in real life.
    Suggested by @justjills
  10. @alligeeshow , @Bourdain , @NotAWitchDoctor @lstblkgrl @Grosstastic would be some of my suggestions for real content and good reads.
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  11. I'm pretty new to li.st, but def my bff @shanaz is amazing!! And I follow many already listed above 😊👌
    Suggested by @salsa