About My First Week of My Internship Studying Oysters in The Gulf of Mexico

Thanks @kate81 for giving me the push I need to keep you guys updated. Just finished my first week at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and here is what I've been doing!
  1. Everyone in the lab is great!
  2. I've spent multiple days grinding oyster guts so by the end of the summer I should have killer arm muscles.
  3. I've washed, cleaned, and dissected a ton of oysters.
  4. Everything has to be extremely sterile to avoid contamination of results so a lot of my job has been washing equipment.
  5. No one tells you when you get into scientific research that you will spend a considerable amount of time washing dishes (lab equipment) but you do.
  6. I'm not complaining though because that's just part of working in a lab and I am finally doing marine research!!!!
  7. Tomorrow is my first field day so I'll be out on a boat collecting oysters!