Listen my Aunt loves the Cheesecake Factory and she takes me there at least twice a year and I just don't have the heart to tell her I don't like it. So, I will tell you guys.
  1. The menu is a god damn book!
    To many choices and for someone who second guesses every choice she makes it is a nightmare. It has page numbers!!!!!
  2. The food is subpar.
    With the that many gd items on the menu its impossible to specialize in any of them.
  3. The freaking eye of Sauron is looking down on me!!
    Excuse me evil one, I'm trying to eat here would you mind not staring?
  4. The food is wayyyyy over priced
    I am not paying 15 dollars for chicken strips when I can get like 20 tacos for like 5 dollars at Taco Bell.
  5. The cheesecake is good though