1. Christopher
    He is an asshole the entire time and I constantly want to punch him in the face. When Luke punched him I think I stood up and stared slow clapping.
  2. Rune
    How can you not hate him, he doesn't recognize the goddess that Lorelei is.
  3. Dean post engagement
    A whiney, manipulative Buttface.
  4. Mitchum Huntsberger
    Anyone who doesn't recognize Rory's talents can just leave.
  5. Anna Nardini
    She doesn't like Lorelei and therefore I don't like her. Also it was a sleep over, chillax.
  6. Head Master Charleston
    Aka El Douche
  7. The random Chilton chick Rory let stay in her dorm
    For reals though use your head and for the love of god stop talking about how everything is so cool!
  8. Jason Stiles
    He is rude, he is entitled, and he treats his dog poorly.
  9. Rory when she drops out of Yale
    She is rude, she is entitled, and she becomes best friends with people who are rude and entitled.