I need an upgrade and I want some super fancy hotel quality pillows @andycohen I'm looking at you
  1. Memory foam pillows!
    Not what you typically would get at hotels, but provides the perfect amount of height and cushion. I prefer the ones shaped like normal pillows rather than the ones that cave into a groove.
    Suggested by @anuhea
  2. MyPillow
    It takes a few nights to get used to, but I swear by these. I've tried dozens of pillows and this was by far the best - for me at least. Good luck!
    Suggested by @dubraker
  3. Yes! Macy's Charter Club pillows.
    I am lucky (?) enough to have all four pillows to myself these days, so I have two firm, two medium, and I love them. They start to lose their bounce every couple of years, and I have been replacing them with the same.
    Suggested by @theranman
  4. I love my Bamboo pillow
    Suggested by @gjjmss
  5. Go to ikea and try them all!
    Suggested by @GavMaLav
  6. Sleep Yoga. I have a terrible neck and back and this pillow has changed my life!
    Suggested by @devshan