It's pronounced List

Great time at live tonight
  1. Thanks to @dev for making this happen
    I think this marks the 5th time @iei515 and I have been out since our daughter was born
  2. Hosting duties were on point
    @bjnovak you really nailed it if this whole app thing doesn't work out you should consider a career in show business
  3. So many knit dicks
    @joannfabrics where can I buy that great coozy can you direct me to an appropriate etsy store?
  4. It's a blaster!
    @shanaz gun is a dirty word and everyone knows blasters are harmless - storm troopers never hit anything.
  5. Your not chubby
    @Nicholas don't believe anything the say. however your drive joke was still eh.
  6. You will now be a cold dark place in hell
    @dfly hell of a closer, I think I'm still buzzing
  7. And so much more
    Thanks again for an awesome night