Here's 10 ScientificFacts to start of your terrific Tuesday!
  1. Molten Salt poured into water makes an AWESOME explosion!
    Table salt melts at 1472°F which when poured into water makes a beautiful chain reaction of small explosions simultaneously making an underwater firework!
  2. Scientists in Stockholm, Sweden have created transparent wood!
    Scientists from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology are creating this wood by removing lignin from the wood to transform it into transparent wood! This is a remarkable breakthrough in science because it can cut the cost for making solar cells and it is a perfect window for someone who wants light but still likes their privacy.
  3. Friction welding is a new innovative way of welding with out using ARC.
    Friction welding is when you take two pieces of metal and oscillate one at high frequency in a linear motion to create a fusion between the two that is practically unbreakable!
  4. Gallium can make aluminum flake like ice!
    Gallium if an element that is a liquid metal at room temperature and when poured on to aluminum it corrodes the structure of the aluminum therefore making it flake into pieces!
  5. It is actually possible to die from a broken heart!
    Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or more commonly known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy is when the body is flooded with stress hormones. This can cause chest pains and heart failure. A study done by students of Harvard and Wisconsin-Madison found that after the death of a spouse, their mortality rate went up a shocking 18%!
  6. Did you know you can start a fire with a lemon some nails and a wire?
    Ever wanted to try a new way of doing something? Well here's one for you. Take a lemon six zinc nails six copper clips and a wire and stick type nails in a row and the clips in a row and take the copper wire and weave your way through them and touch the two leads together and BOOM... You got yourself a fire!
  7. Did you know that origami can be used for engineering?
    Researchers at Harvard are using technology base on an snapology to help with engineering. It can change stiffness, shape and volume just by bending it different ways!
  8. The most toxic city in the U.S. is the small town of Picher, Oklahoma!
    Picher was the biggest producer of bullets for the U.S. in both wars. They produced some 75% of all bullets used by the Army in both World Wars. Such a big achievement came with a big price. The bullets were made of lead which when processed make chat, A chalky powder which is why the city landed #1 for most toxics city in the U.S.
  9. Humans weren't the first ones to make a so called morse code!
    The Leucorchestris arenicola or more commonly known as the White Lady spider communicates with its fellow lady friends via ground vibrations. Isn't a that awesome!
  10. Soon diabetics won't need to inject insulin manually soon!
    Researchers at UNC and NC State have created a small penny sized patch that detects when the bloodstreams insulin levels are running low and automatically injects it pain free! These spoke can also sense glucose levels and inject glucose when needed!