Things I miss about Scotland apart from family and friends.

  1. Public transport to and from Glasgow
    Where I live now it's non-existent! $120 cabs to and from the city. Brutal!
  2. The Barrowlands
    God I miss going to gigs on a regular basis. Another thing you take for granted when you're living there.
  3. Fritter rolls and broon sauce
    Funny the things you miss are never the healthy options.
  4. The ocean
    Who knew you could take for granted standing on a beach staring at the horizon. Being landlocked in Canada sure makes you miss that little privilege.
  5. The patter/banter
    There's something very unique in the Scottish work environment that's sorely missed where I am now.
  6. Driving on country roads
    Long straight roads and highways make for a boring commute. Give me a Scottish B road and a fun car anyday.
  7. British tv
    What's with the amount of adverts on north American television
  8. IRN-BRU
    I'm Scottish, no explanation needed.
  9. The architecture
  10. Alcohol in supermarkets
    Having to go to a liquor store is a pain
  11. My parents babysitting the kids
    Me and the Mrs having occasional nights out on our own. Thing of the past these days.