1. Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick
    Part western, part fantasy, this book reads unlike any other graphic novel out there. Violent and a visual feast with captivating characters.
  2. Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan
    Super hero saves one of the Towers during 9/11 and then becomes the mayor of NYC. Politics have never been so interesting.
  3. Promethea by Alan Moore
    A fantasy that delves deeply into the power of imagination, identity, and mysticism. Be ready, this title regularly takes wild rides.
  4. Fables by Bill Willingham
    The characters of your fairy tales and bedtime stories have been driven from their homelands and are taking refuge in NYC. Funny, adventurous, with consistently great art, this title is a sure winner.
  5. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
    An epic series unafraid to explore world religion, classic literature, and intellectual fantasy. It takes a few volumes to find its identity, but it then becomes a masterpiece.