I'm one of those people that if you ask me my taste in music, I'll say I'm all over the place. Not because I can't decide, but because there actually isn't very much music that I don't like. Yes, I do have a few favorites, but for the most part, you can get me to find ups and downs to anything you play. Here are some albums I've been into lately.
  1. Talking Is Hard - Walk the Moon
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    Yes, they do have more than just Shut Up and Dance. A fantastic song, I'll give it that, but seriously, tracks like Different Colors and Work This Body are top notch. And I honestly could listen to the closing track called Aquaman over and over until I die.
  2. Lost Forever // Lost Together - Architects
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    For fans of music on the heavier side. This British quintet brings it hard. They've been around a while but I think they finally hit their perfect stride with this album. The opening track is called Gravedigger, and it immediately will knock you off your feet with how heavy it is. Track 2 is my favorite. It's called Naysayer. The "title track" is actually called Youth Is Wasted On The Young, but it's another fantastic one.
  3. Delirium - Ellie Goulding
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    Just dropped within the last couple weeks. Ellie shows every side of her beautifully British mind on this album, hitting home with relatable lyrics, but also making you want to dance your face off with songs like Something In The Way You Move.
  4. The Night God Slept - Silent Planet
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    No one knows about these guys, but I guarantee they will soon. In a genre where it's becoming increasingly difficult to be innovative, Silent Planet is exactly that; innovative. They do things with their music that I've never heard from anyone before. On top of that, they have maybe the most honest and challenging lyrics I've heard. Plus, an absolutely KILLER live show.