Since The List App is taking a flight across the country soon for their first NYC Live Show, I thought I'd share some tips for visitors in New York City. New Yorkers can be friendly. But don't get in my way or else I will yell at you. Please feel free to add your favorite tips and tricks.
  1. You need to obey the same traffic laws you follow in your car when you're on the sidewalk
    Keep right. If you need to stop, pull over to the side. You wouldn't stop your car in the middle of the highway to take a picture would you? Then don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk.
  2. On the subway, Let people get off the train before you get on.
    You'll have a lot more room if you do this one simple thing.
  3. Don't go to Times Square unless you are on your way to or from the theater
    There really is nothing to see unless you like to be harassed by off-brand Sesame Street characters.
  4. When entering the subway, don't go up to the turnstiles until you are 100% ready to enter
    I don't have time to watch you dig through your bag to find a Metrocard. Step aside please.
  5. No selfie sticks allowed
    If you want your picture taken, ask someone. You'll get a better quality photo with the rear camera on your phone anyway.
  6. Don't ever eat pizza with a fork
    You fold it in half and try to get it in your mouth as fast as possible, preferably while running down the street.
  7. Don't go to Fort Tryon Park
    It's the most beautiful part of New York City and I don't want it to get too crowded.
  8. Go see The Color Purple
    You can't get tickets to Hamilton but still want to cry your eyes out and have your life changed? Watch Cynthia Erivo go from some random girl you've never heard of to your new Goddess of Life.
  9. Don't go to the High Line on a weekend
    It's way too crowded! Go on a weekday and you should be fine
    Suggested by @victoriaedel
  10. Download the subway map pdf on your phone
    This is so you can discretely look at a subway map underground with no service and avoid looking like a tourist trying to figure out where the wall map is and then staring at some wall map and the person sitting in front of it for way too long
    Suggested by @lindseyfleck
  11. Most of the museums have a "suggested donation"
    So really you can pay $1 to go to the Met! Don't feel weird about it! Pay what you can!
    Suggested by @victoriaedel