We are at the end of another wonderful season of new musicals on Broadway. It has been one of the most eclectic mixes I've ever seen. But from the wrong point of view, these shows could be seen differently. (See previous lists about Rodgers & Hammerstein as well as Sondheim musicals)
  1. Amazing Grace
    A story that involves a spiritual journey performed in the heathen Capitol of the world.
  2. Hamilton
    A story about the founder of the US Treasury (💤💤) using rap and hip hop music, in spite of the primary demographic of Broadway being middle aged white women.
  3. On Your Feet!
    A musical where one of the main plot points depicts a bus accident that almost killed Gloria Estefan.
  4. Allegiance
    A musical about Japanese internment camps. A five, six, seven, eight!
  5. School of Rock
    Remember that movie that everyone loved because Jack Black was charming in it? Yeah, let's do that, but without Jack Black!
  6. Disaster!
    Everyone loves disaster movies from the 70s right? Let's capitalize on that CRAZE and make a spoof about them all using jukebox tunes from the disco era! Everyone will know exactly what we are spoofing, right?
  7. Bright Star
    It's a musical about...oh fuck...there's a major twist in the beginning so no one can actually talk about what this musical is about...but Steve Martin wrote it! People like him! Is he IN it? No...but he WROTE it! Oh...you're still asking if he's in it...uh...
  8. American Psycho
    Who doesn't love a good jaunty tune about a psychopath murderer who chops up women? #feminism
  9. Waitress
    A sad woman puts her feelings into baked goods. No this is not "Cathy the Musical"
  10. Tuck Everlasting
    A musical about a 102 year-old man who hits on a 12 year old girl. But he LOOKS 17 so it's FINE!
  11. Shuffle Along
    Remember that 1930s musical "Shuffle Along" that no one has ever heard of except for the song "I'm Just Wild About Harry"? Yeah let's do a musical that spends three hours telling you ABOUT that musical from a backstage point of view!