1. It's 1943. Someone tells you there is going to be a musical that tells a story of farmers and ranchers that stops for 20 minutes so a completely different cast will come on stage and perform a ballet to continue telling the story
    Oklahoma (1943)
  2. A couple meet on a merry-go-round and fall in love later that same night. After being married for a few months she finds out, SURPRISE, he's abusive. But it's ok. He kills himself at the end of Act 1.
    Carousel (1945)
  3. A film musical where the most endearing character is a live pig.
    State Fair (1945)
  4. A musical about the war where soldiers still have time to dress in coconut bras and lament their celibacy in a jaunty number. Also featured is a beautiful love story between a French opera singer and a racist woman from Arkansas. More forgettable, a side plot of a white man falling in love with a Polynesian girl before he dies in battle.
    South Pacific (1949)
  5. British imperialist woman moves to Thailand where she tries to destroy a centuries long culture with her western ways. The climax involves a polka which is neither British nor Thai/Siamese.
    The King and I (1951)
  6. A live TV broadcast about an indentured servant girl who casts a spell in order to trick a prince into marrying her.
    Cinderella (1957)
  7. Two white Jews write a story about a Chinese girl's experience in America.
    Flower Drum Song (1958)
  8. A singing nun says "Fuck celibacy" and marries the man she was nannying for. She now not only has to take care of seven children, but she has to hike a mountain so her new family doesn't get murdered by the Nazis.
    The Sound of Music (1959)
  9. Plus Allegro (1947), Me and Juliet (1953) and Pipe Dream (1955) which actually were just bad ideas...Not even the masters of musical theater can have a perfect track record.