This is our fourth live musical of the past couple years and the first one on Fox. Overall it was a huge triumph and here's why...
  1. The opening
    The fake beach lasted just long enough before pulling back and revealing Jessie J who took us on a backstage tour while singing Grease is the Word. This set the tone right off the bat. A little bit of cheese but they were totally self aware. Everything else was just fun
  2. The design
    Theatre designer David Korins did a fantastic job with the sets. There was a theatricality to them in the same way old MGM musicals had back in the 40s.
  3. Doody
    Those Magic Changes turned me on so much.
  4. The cameos
    Didi Cann and Eve Plumb were wonderful borderline campy additions to the cast.
  5. Freddy My Love costume/scene change
    Pure theater magic. If you've ever seen Dreamgirls live, you know that trick has been used before, but boy does it WORK!
  6. The live audience
    I have been saying every year since Sound of Music that those NBC broadcasts need an audience. A live show needs energy and only a live audience can get that specific type of energy.
  7. The camera work
    Especially moments like the prom scene, that camera choreography was just as impressive as the dancing.
  8. Vanessa Hudgens singing There Are Worse Things I Could Do
    Who would have guessed she could pull that off? Add in the fact that her dad died less than 24 hrs ago and she pushed through to do her job, and I have gained a LOT of respect for that girl. Kudos Vanessa.
  9. The finale
    Pays homage to the original without copying. Breaking that fourth wall again to watch the cast get on the golf carts was a lot of fun and make the audience aware of how much work went into this night.
  10. Bows
    Another downfall of the NBC broadcasts. Give the audience a chance to recognize the cast for their HARD work. That is not easy doing a three hour show with no real break. And this cast made it look like a walk in the park. Classy move.
  11. Haneefah Wood as Blanche
    No description necessary.