After this conversation she said "Well I'm glad I didn't talk to you first because I really liked it." (For the record I thought I was fine. Like watch it for free on Netflix but save your $16 and skip it in theaters). Also spoilers, but like, the script is so predictable/you probably already know this story so I'm not really giving away anything
  1. "There is no excuse for CGI that bad in 2016"
    Seriously can we get an exterior plane shot that doesn't look like the graphics from Nintendo 64?
  2. "Laura Linney's character was so poorly written I would have rather there just not be any female characters than that poor excuse of one"
    She had, what? Three scenes? All of which required her to be crying on the phone with no real work up (twice about the safety of her husband, one about paying the mortgage). Her dialogue was something I would write, which is to say, it's terrible.
  3. "Yes the actually scene of the crash was done well...but that doesn't mean we need to see the same exact scene three times"
    We get it in bits and pieces. Then we get it straight through. Then we get it again from the cockpit recording with maybe three new lines we missed the first time because we were watching the stewardesses.
  4. "What the fuck was up with that cheesy video during the credits showing the real people all having a reunion in a hanger with the recovered plane??"
    They all acted like they were best friends. And the real Sully made dad jokes. One of the most contrived things I've ever seen.
  5. "Those investigators went from 'really really mean and serious' to 'whoops sorry man, you're cool' in about four seconds when they realized they were wrong"
    Like anyone has ever admitted fault in such a public setting like that so quickly before...more one dimensional characters with no real motivations or intentions in this terrible script. Mike O'Malley and Anna Gunn deserve better (as does Laura Linney. I can't stress enough how fucking wasted Laura Linney's talents were in this film)
  6. "I feel like a third of the movie was just existential shots of Tom Hanks/Sully running aimlessly through NYC"
    Including one of his running through an empty Tines Square. Let me tell you, I've been in Times Square at 3am. It is never empty.