Since 2009 I've been trying to tell my mom she would like "Sleep No More", but some of the selling points end up freaking her out more than I meant them...
  1. "It starts with you walking through this pitch black maze and you don't know what you're going to stumble upon..."
  2. "It's best to split up from your friends so you are just wandering around this weird five floor structure alone in the dark for three hours..."
  3. "You wear masks that make everyone look like ghosts floating around..."
  4. "I had to take off my sweater at one point because I was so warm from running up and down four flights of stairs..."
  5. "Sometimes you're just, like, standing over someone while they are naked in the bath..."
  6. "At other points I had to literally sprint to keep up with the character I was following..."
  7. "Nothing jumps out at you...but there is a 3 minute orgy with an intense strobe light..."
  8. "If you're lucky they take you into a room alone and do weird things to you..."