1. Grey's Anatomy
    I stopped around the time Izzie was hallucinating. Then I started watching again a year or two later but honestly can't remember why I started again or stopped
  2. Downton Abbey
    Once Anna got raped it was no longer a fun show of oldy times. Maggie Smith can only work so hard.
  3. Broad City
    I gave it a good solid five episodes or so because everyone raves about it. After five episodes and only thinking about one thing I actually enjoyed (the quest to get the FedEx package), I decided it just wasn't for me.
  4. Scandal
    I was hypnotized for a season or two by sass and white clothes, but then I realized I didn't care and I don't think anyone is actually a good actor on that screen (I'm sure a lot of them are good actors, but this show is not getting good performances from anyone)
  5. How To Get Away With Murder
    Viola Davis can do no wrong, but I couldn't put up with those kids anymore. Terrible actors and selfish plot points. Can someone make a cut of only Viola's scenes for me to watch. That I'm into.
  6. Game of Thrones
    I know people love this show but after two seasons the only thing I have to say about it is: 🙄
  7. Once Upon a Time
    It started as a fun Sunday night way to turn off my brain and enjoy a silly show about fairytale characters. Then Peter Pan shower up. I stuck it out. Then the Wicked Witch showed up. Ugh. Finally characters from Frozen showed up and I said "Enough is enough guys!"
  8. Shades of Blue
    Just kidding. I saw the tagline "Between good cops and bad cops there are...Shades of Blue" and decided that must be the worst TV show ever made. Never watched a single episode. Never will.