Saying goodbye to our cat Malcolm on May 22, 2016 after a year-long fight with cancer was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. I love him and will miss him and everything about him so much, but he was a very unique cat so this is a list of the most interesting and fun things I will miss about our amazing little man.
  1. His Voracious Appetite
    Malcolm was a true foodie. Even though his weight fluctuated between only 7.5 and 9.5 pounds in the last year, he could really put it away. He would devour an entire 3 oz. can of Fancy Feast (his favorite) every few hours, and he would climb all over my desk and park himself in front of my computer and meow when it was feeding time. Food brought him so much joy that feeding time is the hardest time of day for me now, and I still occasionally put out a plate for him when I feed our other cats.
  2. "The Tooth"
    When Malcolm was really excited or happy to see you (and usually while I was preparing his breakfast at the kitchen counter), he would give your leg a headbutt and then drag his canine ("fang") tooth along and around your leg. We would say Malcolm is "giving you the tooth."
  3. His Growling and Bull-Like Bellowing
    Occasionally when Malcolm was especially hungry and another baby would get a little too close to his plate, he would send out a little muffled growl and then bellow like a bull. He'd breathe out and puff his fur out so he'd look all big and tough, and then he'd make that huffing and puffing sound a bull will make before he charges at a matador. It was adorable, and he would do all of this while he was still eating. He wouldn't take his eyes off his plate or stop eating even for a second.
  4. His Strut
    Malcolm always walked with a swagger, and the way he would sway his hips back and forth when he walked always cracked me up. He would push his little bottom up in the air and strut his long skinny legs across the room.
  5. His Extremely "Healthy" and Potent Poops
    Malcolm's poops were a sight to behold and they packed quite a punch. They could put some humans to shame, and no matter where we were in the house, we always knew when Malcolm had visited the litter box and it was time to clean it out. Even though I definitely didn't love his poops before, now that they are gone, I actually find myself missing them quite a bit.
  6. His Sweet Personality and Tough Spirit
    Malcolm was the toughest and most gangster cat I've ever met, and he fought so hard despite having 2 different types of cancer and diabetes. He also underwent surgery like a champ a few months ago, and he was always incredibly sweet and loving through it all. He was quite the charmer, and everyone at the vet and animal hospital loved him and looked forward to his visits. He was such a social cat that sometimes he actually appeared to enjoy going to the vet, and that is unheard of for cats. Love!
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