Because I didn't go to college, I had a string of odd jobs before becoming a writer. Maybe some of them are interesting to you.
  1. School Custodian
    Every summer, a crew of kids from my high school would get hired to help the full-time janitors move all the furniture out of the classrooms and clean everything. I did it for my last two years of high school and went back for a third round after I'd graduated. I was fired mid-way through the summer when my boss walked into a supply closet and caught me reading a book.
  2. Tennis Instructor
    Got hired on a one-week trial basis by a tennis camp I had attended as a kid. Was put in charge of the youngest campers who wanted nothing to do with tennis. Gave them candy after every single drill since the only time they didn't seem miserable is when they were eating candy. Was not invited back for the second week of the camp.
  3. Dry Cleaner
    The longest I held any job prior to writing. Worked on and off for 4 years at Jet Cleaners. They had a plant in New Haven and a "drop shop" in my home town. The shirt press would break a lot of buttons and I'd have to sew on new ones. Very time-consuming. I also drove deliveries, assembled orders, and fielded many many customer complaints. Stuff found in pockets while I worked there included cash, cocaine, and a small pistol. Sportscenter's Chris Berman was our biggest customer.
  4. Cooling Tower Technician
    We'd lug industrial pressure washers onto the top of buildings all over New York and New England, climb into these metal towers, and blast the algae out to prevent Legionnaires Disease from spreading through the cooling system. Lots of other crazy shit, too. We disinfected school water systems, cleaned industrial equipment at Pfizer, Kodak, Procter and Gamble, Nestle. Worked with these super-powerful sump truck vacuums. Went to about a million different company safety meetings that year.
  5. Medical Courier
    Drove a six-hour route every day to various hospitals in CT picking up coolers of blood for lab testing. I'd grab the mail for all the hospitals at home base in the morning, drive to each stop, park illegally, run inside, drop off the mail, take the cooler, run out, argue about the ticket I was getting, bring the coolers to the lab, then bring tested blood back from the lab to the hospitals in reverse order. I listened to stuff in my car all day. I'll never be that up on music again.
  6. Licensed Massage Therapist
    Went to massage school hoping to get a job with a flexible schedule, so I could pursue acting. Worked in a few spas, but my best gig was working on the performers in Cirque Du Soleil. They'd each sign up for a ten minute window before their show and come in requesting attention to very specific muscles. They were really cool weird French Canadian acrobats. Went to a few different cities with them, and they gave me free tickets in the first row.