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  1. Stare out the window
  2. Read a book
  3. Eavesdrop
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They were playing in Squamish, BC. Leave yours in the comments.
  1. The Rhythm Method
    I think they were a jazz band.
  1. Miller time
  2. Hammer time
  3. Bullet time
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  1. Flo Shizzle
  2. One Hit Wanda
  3. Ivanna Soccer
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Inspired by @maxk
  1. Squeeze cheese
  2. Cheese whiz
  3. Head cheese
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  1. Duck confit Poutine
    It helps to rock the French accent when saying this one
  2. Bi bim bap
    Never get tired of saying this.
  3. Paiella
    It's Valencian. Even saying that is cool.
  4. Geoduck
    Rhymes with chewy. Also, it's a bit... tough.
  1. Rush
    Rush is like anchovies. Most people hate them, but those who like them really, really like them.
  2. Phil Collins
    Face it, the man has talent. But Genesis was never quite the same...
  3. Sting
    Yeah, the Police were great. As a solo artist...
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  1. Johnny Depp and Sherylin Fenn
    Such a good looking couple.
  2. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
    Come on, that tattoo.
  3. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss
    Why? Why didn't it work?
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  1. 1962 Plymouth Belvedere
    Loved this car. So cool.
  2. 1983 Plymouth Reliant
    It goth the job done. Barely.
  3. 1980 Chevy Citation
    Now this car was horrible.
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Do not take photos while driving. Unless it's interesting.
  1. Wide ass turns
  2. This vehicle makes ridiculously wide turns
  3. Mormons? Or Maybe Brangelina?
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