Cars I have owned in order

  1. 1962 Plymouth Belvedere
    Loved this car. So cool.
  2. 1983 Plymouth Reliant
    It goth the job done. Barely.
  3. 1980 Chevy Citation
    Now this car was horrible.
  4. 1987 Subaru Loyale
    This would go anywhere, and do anything. What a great car.
  5. 1997 Toyota 4Runner
    Got this new, drove it 330k miles. This was truly a tank. Just wouldn't break.
  6. 2005 Toyota Sequoia
    Bad gas mileage. Hard to park.
  7. 1999 Toyota 4Runner Sport
    Back to what you know. 228k miles and counting.
  8. 1985 Bmw 318i
    I always thought the grill on this car was a classic look. Still feel that way.