1. LECHUZA BEACH (West Sea Level Dr., a stone’s throw from Broad Beach Road, Malibu, CA 90265). Full of beautiful rocks and bluffs, this is a great beach to take a walk and explore. Jenny also says to ignore the orange cones on the street when parking - they’re not legitimate.
  2. Escondido Beach Access #1 (PCH b/t 27420-27400 just north of Geoffrey’s) A brisk walk from Point Dume and Paradise Cove, this is a great beach if solitude is your jam. It’s a wet sand beach, with some restrictions on the dry sand. At the first house to the South of the entrance, you’re allowed on the dry sand up to 25 ft from the house.
  3. Malibu Colony Beaches (Just South of the Malibu Lagoon State Beach) The Lagoon Beach is pretty popular, but if you go as you normally would to the Lagoon, and then walk North, you’ll hit the gorgeously secluded Colony Beaches. You can thank us later.
  4. Malibu Road (Ralph’s Beach) Every Pepperdine student knows the beach at the end of this road - known as “Ralph’s Beach.” But did you know there are at two public access ways on the road before you hit Ralph’s Beach? Well now you do. Why go to the crowded beach when you could go to its quieter, just-as-good beach a few hundred yards down the road?
  5. El Matador State Beach You might know about this one, but we had to include it, just because its so unique and cool. From caves to massive rocks and cliffs, you’ll feel like Leonardo Dicaprio on the beach at the beginning of Inception.
  6. Leo Carrillo State Beach Speaking of Leo…. this beach is great for the hikers among us. On the other side of PCH, Leo Carrillo has great camping sites, hiking trails, and the beach is just as thrilling. One MUST for visitors of Leo Carillo: Star tripping at night! Spin around in the sand, fall back, and enjoy the spinning stars above!