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We all have moments when people who are now in their late 40's on up, decide to disenfranchise someone of their self value, solely based on age. I'm sick of you people, grow a pair and lean the same manners you tried teaching us in school, or do those not apply to you. I'm section80!
  1. "But you're still a baby, you were born in the 80's." Wow, I didnt know having a college degree, a Wife, 2 kids a mortgage and 2 dogs was still being a baby"
  2. " I have kids your age." Well I'm not your child. So watch what you say.
  3. "You probably dont remember that, you're too young." Wow, and if I say you're too old to remember something, im going to be called insensitive to your ""medical condition"".
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So Cal Black father married to a beautiful chestnut eyed blond. Just remember you're talking about a child, and you're the adult; great way to set the tone for what's to come in my son's life.
  1. Are you sure you're the father?
    Our son is fair skinned.
  2. What color is your wife?
    Why does that matter as to who my child is?
  3. So what half is he?
    He's 50% black, 50% white, and I knew racist couldn't add.
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I'm not big on social media. Personality is just like Tim Duncan. Nice guy, work hard as hell , keep quiet, even down to the facial expressions. No need to brag.
  1. We would just sit on the couch, and not say squat to each other.
    Enough said.
  2. Birthday, payday, and hit the lottery.
    "Cool" well pick it up in a bit.
  3. We both golf
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