1. Watching another episode of The Office that I've already seen 4 times
  2. Making a list on a new list app
  3. Pinterest searches for stuff I will never attempt to make
  4. Looking at photos of a kid who is in the same house as I am
  5. Consuming a granola bar
  6. Trying to decide why my tooth is sensitive to cold liquids
  7. Realizing my maternity leave night-eating of granola bars likely contributed to whatever is causing tooth sensiticity
  8. Realizing the guess work could be taken out of this if I had a dental exam
  9. Reminding myself I work at a dental office and it would be pretty easy to have the issue addresses
  10. Trying to figure out how much sleep I'll get if I go to bed right now
  11. Enjoy heartburn lingering from pregnancy 5 months after I delivered baby
  12. Confirm appliance I have not used in 2 days is indeed off
  13. Check locks 7 times