My cars

I've had some cars. Here they were.
  1. My first car was a 1978 Honda Civic. I named it Scum. It was a grubby, worn out car that had seen better days. I don't know, maybe it really hadn't. I bought it for $100 from an acquaintance. It lasted just over year. While I had it, it would do almost anything I asked. It got me through several blizzards before succumbing to a bent axle.
  2. My second car, a 1982 Honda Civic, showed how much Honda improved in a mere 4 years. It was my mom's car, then she decided to get a new one. I lucked out. It lasted me several years and hardly complained. Then it just sort of died all at once.
  3. My next car was white. It was my dad's old car. It was troubled. Lasted a few years, then got too expensive to fix. I don't even remember what kind it was, but it was an American car. I wasn't overall impressed.
  4. A friend of mine knew that my car had died and, incredibly, arranged for her mom to give me her old 1970-something Saab. It was brown and no frills. Even the glove compartment seemed irked to be there. It died within a year, ungracefully and sullen.
  5. Then I bought a Mitsubishi from a friend. It was a nice bright blue and mostly worked okay. It got me through dating my girlfriend and eventually marrying her. It's the only car I ever had that didn't die on me. Instead, I ditched it for my next car. I donated it to the kidney foundation for scrap, I guess.
  6. My wife and I had our first child, and my father-in-law decided to give us his 1998 Volvo as a gift, which also freed him up to buy himself a brand-new car. It was a great car, maybe the best I've had in some respects, probably because normally there is no way I could have ever afforded it by myself.
  7. And now we have two SUVs. They're useful, but it's more like driving a boat than a car. I don't know, I'm not a car guy, really. I just like getting from point a to point b.