Places I've Accidentally Driven To

I didn't mean to go there
  1. Albany, NY
    My friend had broken up with his girlfriend over Christmas. It was three days later and freezing, but too late to buy beer in Connecticut. So we set off toward the New York border so we could get drunk at about 10:30. At 5 in the morning, still sober and utterly lost, we came over a hill and a sign said "Welcome To Albany". We got coffee at a convenience store, then found a diner and had breakfast. We each bought one beer in another store before leaving just to say that we did it.
  2. Wyoming, Rhode Island
    Coming home from a rave in 1993, a friend's car broke down. He managed to get it off the highway and we were in Wyoming, Rhode Island. We had breakfast and tried to figure out how to get home to Connecticut. We found out none of us could rent a car because we lacked credit cards. And so one of my friends got his mom to come out from Connecticut to get us.
  3. Goshen, Connecticut
    I'm still not sure why we were even near there. It had some pretty nature.