Thinking of jumping into the search industry? Consider these pros and cons first!
  1. Pro: Always something new to learn - constant change.
    This isn't just a cliche; something big will happen every few eels that you must learn about. Don't get overwhelmed!
  2. Con: Always something new to learn - constant change.
    The speed of change isn't slowing, it's accelerating. The constant need to stay informed and leave old tactics behind can be taxing.
  3. Pro: Seniority doesn't matter
    Have a great idea, innovation, or copy "hook" you think will grow traffic and revenue? Only a foot for a boss would turn you down just because you're young or the "new comer".
  4. Con: Clients and CEOs have unreasonable expectations
    Unfortunately, many think that SEO is magic that brings success overnight. This of course, is never the case. As much as you might try to keep these expectations in check, some clients and higher ups will still expect instant results.
  5. Pro: Interact with an awesome industry
    As long as you consider nerdy to be cool, the folks of digital marketing are an interesting bunch, typically quite laid back, and free with the knowledge they've gained.
  6. Con: Sometimes hard to maintain work/life balance
    Just because you love SEO, (and your boss knows it...) doesn't mean you can't get burned out by heaps of work and unreasonable deadlines. It is still a job regardless, and it's important to keep the late nights and skipped vacation days to a minimum.