It's not laziness, just need these ideas to marinate.
  1. Great marinades
    Who doesn't love a good marinade? That word looks weird now as I type it. Marinade.
  2. What should I eat today? (Pt. 1)
    A food odyssey. Today's episode: what one meal can I eat in Manhattan to shake off the remnants of that wedding from last night? Going to be a long flight back to SF.
  3. Foreign objects I have forcibly removed from human beings at the county hospital
    This is definitely the trump card of my lists. Need to save it for a rainy day.
  4. Some list about Phish songs you probably won't read.
  5. Watching the NBA Playoffs makes me miss Michael Jordan.
    Not really a list, per se. Actually, not a list at all. Just stating a fact that MJ is the GOAT.
  6. Occupations I would pursue if not a surgeon
  7. What should I eat today? (Pt. 2-15)
  8. Songs that will help me un-suck at guitar
    It's been too long. Time for a fresh batch of songs to wake my fingers back up.
  9. Why airplanes are a microcosm for why people can't be trusted to live in a democratic society.
    Actually, this one might get written in plane-rage later today. Don't even think about touching that recline button...
  10. Cuisines I have no idea how to cook
  11. People I'd like to have a drink with
  12. The virtues of [duck fat, roast chicken, ramen, a real deli, etc.]
    Odes to the joyous things in life.
  13. Amusing things I have been told in the operating room
    This one should run the gamut.
  14. What I've been doing instead of writing the above lists
    Today's entry: eating momofuku, drinking coffee, reading the Sunday Times and "The Puzzle People: Memoirs of a Transplant Surgeon".