A collection of half baked eggs (how meta)
  1. Frans Liszt's Greatest Hits
  2. Rejected fortunes from the fortune cookie factory
    "No" "life is meaningless" "you are a hamster and everyone has been hiding it from you your whole life"
  3. Stomach shapes: a comprehensive guide
  4. When it is and is not appropriate to casually enjoy Rastafarianism as a white person
  5. Noises I made while foam rolling
    "OH" "gggnnhfghhhuuuuuuuuuuh" "HO"
  6. Romantic mistakes I made in high school that still keep me up at night
    Too many to count
  7. New and exciting oxymorons
    Pending submissions.
  8. When it is is an is not okay to aggressively enjoy Rastafarianism as a white person
    More Never.