Shameless plug! Drunk History, Season 3 premieres tonight (9/1) at 10:30 est. Here's some fun bites about the episode.
  1. Starring:
    Greg Kinnear, Stephen Merchant, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Justin Long, and the sharpest Drunk History reenactor out there, Jason Ritter. Long and Ritter win the award for having the most fun on set together in show history. (Taran Killam and Tony Hale are a close second for Lewis and Clark in Season 1.)
  2. A couple stories we didn't use.
    We almost did a story about the doctor who, in an effort to get hospitals to invest in incubators, set up exhibits on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Coney Island, gave free care and saved the lives of over 6000 premature babies before hospitals finally caught on. And you know the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware River? Well, it was Christmas and he was on his way to kill a bunch of Hessians in Trenton and turn the tide of the American Revolution.
  3. Look who's talking now
    This season we wanted to push the form a bit and have more than characters lip sync with the narrator. In this episode, you'll see the sun, the universe and wind all talk too. Bonus fact: The sun is Drunk History EP, Owen Burke.
  4. Why static is the coolest
    The explanation of this from Jenny Slate's story got a little clipped for time in the show, so after you watch, Google, "TV static Big Bang CMB." It's bonkers.
  5. Shooting stuff
    Anytime you see muzzle flares from gunfire on the show, we added that in post, but any time you see a canon go off, we shot that for real. Canons are the best and they get our special effects guys pumped. Hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for watching!