Suggested by @rachel! This list could be 10 times as long so maybe I'll do another one in the future.
  1. Kristen Wiig putting on a master class.
    We very rarely shoot coverage, which means the actors can do something different on every single take. Kristen played Patty Hearst, and in one scene she enters, says one line and then is dragged to jail. She proceeded to deliver 10 straight, completely different, absolutely perfect comedic choices. It's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen.
  2. The whales at Zuma Beach.
    On our last day of filming for season 2 someone spotted a whale just offshore first thing in the morning. It was beautiful, and incredibly close. It turned out we were there during peak migration, and there proceeded to be whales parading by for hours and hours, to the point where everyone got tired of them. It was insane.
  3. The sexiest day on set.
    Without exaggeration, Lisa Bonet is one of the most stunning people you will ever see in person. The first time she came to film with us every member of the cast and crew who likes ladies spent most of the day with their jaws on the floor. Then at lunchtime her husband, Jason Momoa, showed up. At that point every human being was pretty much ruined.
  4. The resurrection of Mark Gagliardi.
    Mark is the godfather of Drunk History. He filmed the first one ever for the web. For season 3 he flew in from NYC to film and went very hard on the bottle, very quickly. He got a third of the story out before he completely passed out. After two hours of silence we were thinking of calling it, and then out of nowhere, lying on his back on the ground with his eyes closed, he talked for an hour straight, getting every bit of the story out with eloquent dialogue. It was like a magic trick.
  5. Molina's response.
    While filming our Houdini story with Alfred Molina, Jeremy Konner gave him the note, "Could you try saying that line as if you have no idea what you're saying?" To which Molina responded, "That's the greatest note I've ever received my life."
  6. Lithgow.
    John Lithgow is kind and smart and wise and wonderful and every single possible thing you ever could want a person to be. One of the most gracious and wonderful people I've ever met, after working with him, most of us wanted him to be our father.
  7. Bananas.
    There's a story we shot for season 3 where our art department literally rented every single prop banana in the city of Los Angeles. It was an impressive sight.
  8. Talking single malt scotches with Patton Oswalt, standing three feet from Ben Folds improvising on piano, filming Waimea Bay on the north shore of Oahu, sneaking onto a hotel roof to try to get a good shot of the Alamo, getting obliterated to narrate three stories, going oyster picking with a man named Goat in Charleston and so many more!