1. Twitter
    I love what other people do on Twitter, but writing on it stresses me out. I probably think of fifty tweets for every one I post, but immediately deem that they suck and don't post them. It feels like a chore. My #1 spot for earthquake confirmation and NBA free agency news. @sethweitberg
  2. Facebook
    There are hundreds of people in my life that I would know nothing about if it weren't for Facebook. Babies, weddings, I love that I get a little look at all of these people's lives that I know and have known. I very rarely feel like I want to post anything on it but I'll like the shit out of other people's stuff.
  3. Instagram
    The best! It's the only one that I check multiple times every single day. I love posting on it, I love my friends' posts on it, I feel like it's an amazing window to the world. @weitberg
  4. Snapchat
    I've never used it and I've never even seen it. I guess I'm sort of hoping that this one comes and goes without major cultural significance so I can slide by without ever signing on.
  5. Periscope
    This whole thing just feels fucking creepy to me. I hate when I'm out somewhere and see someone holding up their phone, broadcasting everything that's going on. Feels like a violation of everyone's privacy, even more so than it's already happening in the world. I did see one where a Comedy Central executive was broadcasting a private Sara Bareilles performance, though, and that was pretty cool.
  6. Friendster
    This is officially a hacky joke. If you are still dropping this as a reference in standup sets or improv shows it's time to let it go.