1. First concert
    Vanilla Ice. I went with my neighbor Alden Kinder and his babysitter, the opening act was a Disney-made boy band called The Party.
  2. First CD
    Amy Grant, "Heart in Motion." I loved "Baby Baby." Always been a sucker for a good pop song.
  3. First job
    I was a counselor at Rise Camp, a summer day camp in Providence, Rhode Island. We basically got to invent courses in whatever we wanted and on Treasure Hunt day got all the pizza we could eat.
  4. First movie in the theater
    E.T., but it was years after it was released. It was playing at a $2 theater in Bristol, Rhode Island and I'm pretty sure it was a babysitter that took me.
  5. First girlfriend
    Lauren Reinalda, 4th grade. I took her around the corner in the hallway to ask her out after lunch. I'm not sure when we actually spoke again, but my older sister also dated her older brother for a while.
  6. First beer
    My sister had a few friends over to play Asshole in her room when my parents were out for the night. I blackmailed them for a beer and then went and made a steak and frozen french fries to have with it. I can still remember how disgusting I thought it was, and thinking that I couldn't believe what all the hype was about.
  7. First car
    A powder blue, 1988 Toyota Corolla with over 90k miles on it. Never had a single problem with it. It was once stolen, and then returned.