All five of these purchases have legitimately changed my life, and I want to share them with you! If you also have a cheap, life-changing purchase let me know!
  1. GE Socket Dimmer - $10
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    As someone who really likes to control all the lighting in his home, and get everything all dim and warm once the sun goes down, I couldn't love these things more. Shockingly they don't sell them at Lowes or Home Depot, but they're easy to find online.
  2. Blade Buddy - $18
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    Yes, commercial razor blades are thin, but but they are still actually strong enough to last for many months. You don't need to sharpen the blades, you need to hone them, the same way that you hone a kitchen knife blade with a steel before using it. Blade Buddy straightens the edges out and makes the razor good as new every time. I have used three blades since last November and saved all that money! Works for women's razors too. Buy online.
  3. Old Overholt Rye - $18
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    This continues to be the greatest steal in every liquor store. If you're not a fan of rye now, buy this and use it instead of whiskey in any cocktail. I guarantee you'll fall in love. If you are a fan, it holds up great neat or on the rocks.
  4. TruTemp Digital Meat Thermometer - $10
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    No matter what level of cook you are, this is a huge help. If you can't eyeball temperature perfectly every time, this will save you from cutting into the meat and draining all the juice. Being certain that you're pulling roasts or birds out of the oven at the exact right time can make all the difference in the quality. Plus you can hold it up in any room to check the temp there too. You can get these everywhere. I got mine at Surfas in LA.
  5. Diamond L'Elegance Toothpicks - $2
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    This is the Ferrari of toothpicks. Thick, firm and able to withstand a whole lot of chewing if you're using them to avoid biting your nails, like me. Plus, they're designed with a little notch on the end so you can break it off and use it as a stand, to keep the tip of the toothpick from touching the table, if you want to save it for later. Brilliant. Available at Target.