1. Del's Lemonade
    Delicious frozen lemonade slush with little bits of the rind. One of RI's official state drinks.
  2. Coffee Milk
    The other state drink, like chocolate milk or strawberry milk, but coffee-flavored. You can make it with syrup (Autocrat) or a bunch of the milk companies sold it pre-mixed.
  3. Clamcakes
    Deep-fried balls of dough and clam. A staple at every beach snack stand.
  4. Wieners
    Small hot dogs served with mustard, onions and meat sauce. Steamed bun. So damn good.
  5. Quahogs
    If you're eating clams in New England (steamed, stuffed, fried, chowder), you're probably eating quahogs.
  6. Newport Creamery Awful Awfuls
    RI's most famous milkshake, they make all of the flavors with vanilla ice cream and syrup. At one point if you drank three they'd give you the fourth one for free.