In 1993, David Koresh and 82 Branch Davidians died during the raid on their compound in Waco. Then it was rebuilt. I was nearby years ago with some people and we decided to find it. When we did, we were able to go right in. Here's what I saw.
  1. It was not easy to find, but it was well-marked.
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  2. Just inside the fence there's some kind of admin building and a big stone sign.
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  3. Behind the sign is a memorial, a brick for each of the people that died.
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  4. Including the unborn.
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  5. Then there's nothing along the path for a bit, until you're near the church. We drove in, and although it looked empty, we always felt like we were being watched.
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  6. Close to the church there's a stone with a quote from Revelations,
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  7. a memorial for the four ATF officers who died during the raid,
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  8. and a memorial for the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, which happened the exact same day as the Waco siege, two years later.
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  9. We drove all the way up to the church.
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  10. There's a welcome,
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  11. and a Gadsden flag.
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  12. Past the church, we pulled around a turn and saw a line of double wides. Someone was standing in one of the windows looking at us, so we immediately turned around and drove back out.
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  13. Needless to say, the entire experience was creepy as shit.
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