HUBBA HUBBA! Mix these all together and you have my dream girl.
  1. Lola Bunny
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    Fans of Space Jam will understand. Children of the 90's all felt the same way. She was supposed to make it into your dreams! It was market of at it's finest. Plus, she'll appear out of nowhere in the time when you need her most. I know she's an anthropomorphic rabbit, but she's a total doll! *Gets beat up by Lola*
  2. Katy Perry
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    Her music makes me cry. She does what she wants and it works. Her brand is her personality and that's more important than looks. But, she also has looks so that's good. I don't like plain colored hair and she doesn't either. Also, I've recently noticed that I have a think for girls in jungle garb, so her Roar music video didn't help.
  3. Emma Stone
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    She was the only good part of the new Spider-Man movies and they kill her off (oh, I guess I should have given a spoiler alert). She may not be a natural redhead, but there's no way I'll ever naturally meet her so sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. I feel like I could meet her if I tried. Sure, it would be more like a kidnapping really, but it still counts, right? Maybe I shouldn't talk about this online. Forget all of this. She's mainly on the list because of The Croods.
  4. Zooey Deschanel
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    Kid's got spunk. I like that. If she's anything like her New Girl character in real life then I'm sold. If I get 10,000 relists on this she said she'd go to prom with me! Help me out!
  5. Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)
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    This version of the Princess of Paradise Island was powerful, but yet still approachable. She was independent and still able to accept your help. She could protect you, but also needed saving (from the burdens of being too great). She appreciated honesty above all else and being the honest man that I am, she would dig me.
  6. Ms. Pac-Man
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    She's the perfect example of a girl that's fun to be around. Sure, she's not super thin like a model, but when it's time to play she's there and I would rather have a fun time with someone than anything else. Also, I'm really into bows for some reason.
  7. Heidi Keppert the "Tool Girl"
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    *Just a bunch of Tim Allen grunts*
  8. Henry Cavill
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    Look how buff he got to play Superman! Look at him! He ripped through his suit so many times! I'm wasn't extremely excited for "Batman V Superman" but when I look into Henry's eyes my opinion changes completely. He is Superman. He is MY Superman.