My Favorite Comic Book Writers

Comic books are a big part of my life so naturally the dudes making them are big influences for me.
  1. Geoff Johns
    Anything this man writes I know I will enjoy. I've gone back and read almost all of his work for both DC and Marvel. He also has the coolest job ever: "Head Creative Officer of DC Comics". My favorite work of his was Green Lantern.
  2. Grant Morrison
    This guy makes you think. He constantly tries to break the stereotypes and standards that comics get overtime and does what he thinks is best, even if it's unorthodox. His Animal Man stories changed the way I look at comics and his work just builds on top of itself from that point. My favorite run of his was Multiversity, followed closely by Seven Soldiers.
  3. Keith Giffien
    My favorite thing about Giffien's work is the humor. I have laughed out loud more than once while reading his books. That's his definitive trait. The way he can recall a joke from 3 issues back and still keep everything fresh is genius. My favorite work of his was "I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League" and I will forever be thankful for his son, Ambush Bug.
  4. Mark Waid
    Waid can tell some of the craziest stories and not leave any loose ends or mysteries. The first comics I ever read were his run on the Flash and they're the reason I still read comics today. He writes a lot of the best books that Marvel has nowadays.
  5. Dan Jurgens
    Jurgens is responsible for a lot of big things in the DC lore. He killed Superman. He turned Hal Jordan into Parallax. He created Booster Gold. He also follows me on Twitter so I try to always tweet positive things when it comes to comics and it makes my outlook so much nicer in the end. His Booster Gold stories (volume 2) are some of my favorite of all time.
  6. Kevin Eastman
    I know what you're thinking: "Finally! A guy who doesn't work for DC!" It's true, I'm a big DC fan, but Eastman's work has really impacted my life. He co-created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and still writes for their books today. He took an idea and ran with it and I hope to have that courage and commitment with any of my creations.