Tattoo Ideas

I want to be covered. Let me know if you have any good ideas.
  1. Abraham Lincoln
    Imagine this arm tattoo, but it's our 16th President! That would be great. Everything I do would be done by Honest Abe. I would also get the quote from Bill & Ted like a banner around him saying "Be Excellent To Each Other ....AND.... PARTY ON DUDES!"
  2. Bender
    The perfect butt tattoo. Futurama is one of my favorite shows of all time and time travel is my favorite 4th dimensional concept so naturally this tattoo would be great because it contains both! First featured in the movie "Bender's Big Score"
  3. Spider-Man backpack
    Growing by my Spider-Man backpack was my best friend. I took him everywhere. Naturally, I want him to be with me now that I'm an adult, but I don't want to physically hold him. Getting him imprinted on my back would make our friendship last forever.
  4. Godzilla
    King of the Monsters! Godzilla helped me get into the different world of Japanese culture and for that I will always be thankful. I want him to share my skin, even if it's just his Toho symbol.
  5. The Atom (Ray Palmer)
    In comic books, The Atom is usually standing on another hero's shoulder in the group shots. He's the perfect hero to get tattooed on your body because it actually makes sense. Get some sweet 3-D shading and you're set for a tight tattoo.
  6. Calvin peeing on Earth (52)
    "Pees on Earth" get it? Peace. Pees. It's a pacifist joke tattoo. One I would always have to explain, but nothing new there. Also I would get a "52" on the Earth to symbolize the Multiverse that we live in.
  7. Pill Bottle (Born To Dance)
    I have to take medicine everyday or I start dancing. My body moves uncontrollably and it's awful. It's natural so I was Born To Dance. This tattoo would help me never forget my roots and would remind me to take my medicine (I forget a lot).
  8. 🔫
    A gun on my thigh. That's it. Simple, but deadly.
  9. Paul Blart
    Either a scene from the acclaimed films or just a nice picture of the Mall Cop. Either way, this tattoo would bless me with the courage of Achilles.
  10. Lola Bunny
    Those of you have read my other list know about my deep, longtime crush. This would be my muse.
  11. Heritage Arm Sleeve
    This one is a little more complex, but it'll probably be the biggest one I have. It's a mix of a few things. It'll say "Hecho En México" and be surrounded by Aztec designs. In the middle would be the famous painting of the Aztec Warrior, but instead he will be holding Supergirl from Crisis On Infinite Earths. This will show my heritage as a Mexican and a nerd.
  12. Hamburglar
    I'm talking old school Hamburglar here, not sexy, new, suburban dad Hambuglar.
  13. Jesus riding into the temple
    You may be thinking "Why don't you have any Christian tattoos?" And it's because I was getting to it! I would get this exact picture with the words "And in 3 days... I'm making waffles" underneath. You happy?
  14. Rating System
    Video games and movies have ratings based on who should be allowed to be around them. I want the same thing. It's a warning to parents who met me around their kids (don't worry I am PG/E10+).
  15. "DIE BART DIE"
    This is a reference to the Simpsons. I'm all for reference tattoos because if someone gets the reference then they're probably my soulmate. Plus, nobody that speaks German could be evil.
  16. Donkey Kong tie
    I can be formal even when naked just like the Kong himself. This will also help me run from a past that haunts me everyday.
  17. Galaga Ship
    Namco Museum Vol. 1 was the first video game I ever played. This would also remind me that you can be turned evil and then your friends can save you and you will both be better off for it.
  18. CPR Instructions
    I'm pretty sure I heard this idea on a podcast, but it's genius! If I had these bad boys on my chest then I would always be safe after a heart attack or a day at the beach.
  19. Notebook
    If I get a piece of notebook paper tattooed on my forearm then I will always have a place to write things down so I won't forget. Or I could just draw pictures on myself. Or someone could write me a love note. The possibilities are endless.
  20. Troll Doll
    This is something I saw on the web, but it will finally put my armpit hair to good use.
  21. Chinese for Hamburger Helper
    You always hear about people that got a tattoo in Chinese without knowing what it meant and it ends up being something dumb. I propose this: What if you meant to get a dumb tattoo? Just get something on random like "Hamburger Helper" that will look beautiful, but be pointless.
  22. "I Want My Baby Back" (ribs)
    That's the joke. You get "I Want My Baby Back" on your ribs. That's all.
  23. Static Shock
    Static Shock was my first real introduction into a lot of things: DC Comics, gun safety, the dangers of racism, witty banter, etc. I don't take all I learned from him lightly. He deserves a place on my body.
  24. "HENCH 4 LIFE"
    I'm a big fan of The Venture Brothers and if you're caught up you'll know where this tattoo is from (21 has it across his stomach).
  25. Never Forget
    I want to get "Never Forget 12/17/1993" around my belly button to commemorate the day I was born.
  26. I 💙 Mom
    This is a classic. Plus I love my mom. 2 birds with one tattoo session.
  27. Oklahoma
    OklaHOMA is where the heart is. That state is where I spent most of my formative years and, like it or not, I will always be connected to it.
  28. Arthur
    Arthur was my show! To honor all that he taught me I will get him immortalized on my body. Also, it will probably say "Having fun isn't hard, when you got a library card."
  29. Chaplín Colorado
    Chespirito died recently and he was a comedy genius. To celebrate his life and one of my favorite superheroes I will embrace the shield of the Red Grasshopper.
  30. Eddie Murphy's face when he walks into the bathroom in that one scene from Daddy Day Care
    I would laugh so hard anytime I looked in the mirror or had to explain this one.
  31. Time Travel Quote
    "If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?" Sure, people will tell you that getting tattoos will ruin your life, but if that's true I'm pretty sure Future Me would stop Present Day Me from getting all this sweet ink. All I need now is money.