This is all besides the obvious things like friends and family. I'll add to this list as I realize something is lacking.
  1. Jumex
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    My favorite drink of all time is nowhere to be found. People here don't even know what it is. My lips are parched and nothing can satisfy them. I say "Jumex?" And they say "Who?" and I say "Yes! Who-Mex!" and they don't even get it.
  2. New Comic Book Day
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    Every Wednesday new comics come out in the stores. The stores here don't stay up with the times which means I have to actually buy all my new books instead of loitering and reading for free. I'm giving the thing I like the most real money!!! No!!!
  3. Driving
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    I don't have a Bolivian license, but I don't even really need it. The public transportation here is on point except that you have to know exactly what buses to take and if you don't you could end up on the opposite side of the city that you wanted. I miss driving myself where you wanted to go/when I wanted to go there.
  4. English Movies
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    The movie theaters here are pretty nice, but they're so nice that they can afford to show movies dubbed into Spanish and only Spanish. They don't show movies in English with subtitles and I miss being able to go to a movie alone and understand it perfectly the whole time. I'm going to have to watch "Guerra De Las Estrellas VÍÍ"
  5. Holidays
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    "Night of the Witches" (Halloween) is more demonic here and it's frowned upon to dress up unless you're evil. Guess I need to start up thy cult after all. Obviously, they won't celebrate Thanksgiving here because it's about Pilgrims and they don't believe in Thankful hearts. I guess this is a more of "I think I will miss".
  6. Drinking from the sink
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    Sink water makes you sink. At least that's what everyone tells me. I'm going to test this theory when I have a few days off to recover in case they're right.
  7. GameStop/Best Buy/Other Electronic Stores
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    Fruit here is super cheap because it's from here. Anything imported is more expensive. Technology is one of those things. Electronics are like twice as expensive here as in the U.S. and you always run the risk of buying a cheap knockoff. Also, they barely have what you're looking for.
  8. The opportunity to go to Arby's
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    Now, get me right on this one, I don't miss Arby's, I just miss being able to go if I wanted to. I miss having ALL the options in the U.S. Here it's a lot of the same thing over and over. Bolivians LOVE fried chicken.
  9. Starting new goofs with friends
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    Some of the dumbest jokes that make me laugh the hardest started when I was just spending time with close friends. Now that I only see them every so often through FaceTime it just isn't the same anymore. The jokes can't flow out spontaneously.
  10. Order
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    America is very structured and time orientated and it's all a business. Here places don't put their hours up because if they don't feel like going in then they won't. You can be an hour late a meeting and it's fine. Stoplights are optional. I miss the structure.