In no particular order
  1. My chosen partner's face
  2. Most couches
  3. Hitachi magic wand
  4. Njoy pure wand
  5. Je Joue MiMi
  6. Fun Factory Laya Spot
  7. WiVibe 3
  8. The motor of most pocket rockets
  9. Big scary gentle nipple clamps
  10. Ostrich feathers
  11. Fur lined soft narrow wrist cuffs
  12. A sense of humor
  13. Chocolate fountain (don't ask)
  14. Sportsheets door jam cuffs
  15. Any blindfold
  16. A giant love sac
  17. Probably a sex machine, I imagine
  18. The weightlessness of space
  19. A billion dollars
  20. Any dual-density dildo
  21. A butt plug that doesn't exist but I wish I had it
  22. The Japanese blowjob machine if I had a penis
  23. All the massage
  24. Consensual flirtatious texts
  25. Suspenders
  26. Coconut oil and a tarp