I may cry easily during movies... But if not one of these doesn't get to you I'm convinced you don't have a heart at all.
  1. Forrest Gump
    I have seen this movie almost 50 times and whenever Forrest meets his son for the first time so many tears. If that doesn't get you, when Forrest is talking to Jenny's grave... Uncontrollable sobbing
  2. Up
    Carl and Ellie were meant to be together, and the best part is that no dialogue was needed to convey that.
  3. The Notebook
    Probably cliche, but you're not a person if Noah and Allie dying side by side doesn't hit you in all of the feels.
  4. Les Miserable
    Title says it all. I legitimately need a box of tissues beside me at all times when watching this movie.
  5. Titanic
    Another cliche, but the image of Jack sinking into the icy waters combined with the sound of that goddam penny whistle gets me every time.
  6. Zero Dark Thirty
    The very beginning, with the emergency calls from 9/11 are absolutely bone chilling and haunting.
  7. The Green Mile
    John was afraid of the dark people!
  8. Marley and Me
    A constant reminder that no amount of love a person may have even comes close to the amount of love that a dog has for it's owner. I once read online that a little boy said dogs already know how to love everybody and be nice so they don't have to live as long as people... Commence uncontrollable sobbing.
  9. Rudy
    When Rudy is carried off the field on his teammates' shoulders I dare you not to shed a tear of joy.
  10. Schindler's List
    A constant reminder that while people are capable of commuting the most evil, heinous acts that there is always some form of goodness that coexists at the same time.
  11. Hotel Rwanda
    When the bus is about to pull away and take the international guests to safety and the Rwandan orphans are forced to stay behind. As the bus pulls away and the orphans are left behind, condemned to an almost certain death, it's impossible not to be overcome by emotion and empathy for these children. I've never felt such an intense combination of anger and sadness as I have watching this scene.