It's only been a few days and I'm Italian.
  1. Let's cut carbs and start working out more... It'll be easy
    Eats pizza for dinner. Okay... Starting tomorrow we are cutting carbs
  2. First Day: Nervous Optimism
    Busts ass at the gym. Goes home and eats fruit as a snack. Feeling a little too proud of myself at this point.
  3. Second Day: Withdraw begins
    Gets back from the gym... Opens the pantry and there is a bag of pretzels starring menacingly back at me. I take just a few, oops.
  4. Third Day:Anger and Rage
    I want pasta and a loaf of Italian bread in the worst way possible. Turns on food network, god dammit Giada's making 3 different pasta dishes today.
  5. Fourth Day: Pure Hunger
    My cravings make me want to eat for two right now... So hungry... No I don't want my stupid green juice I want a goddam bagel
  6. Fifth Day: Surrender
    Mom made pasta for dinner. You don't ever not eat your mother's pasta. The sauce, pasta, and red wine feels like a gift hand delivered from Jesus himself. Suddenly all is right in the world.