This is the hardest list I've ever had to make. Wayyy too much thought went into this.
  1. 8. Alfredo Sauce
    So rich, but so heavy
  2. 7. Garlic and olive oil
    Impossible to mess up, but so boring
  3. 6. Puttanesca Sauce
    Means "whore's sauce" in Italian, kinda fishy...
  4. 5. Pesto
    So good, so many variations, always acceptable in the summer
  5. 4. Pomodoro
    Simple and delicious...tomato haters steer clear
  6. 3. Bolognese
    Essentially every Sunday dinner coupled with a glass of red wine... Ranked 3rd only because it can be a little heavy from time to time
  7. 2. Marinara Sauce
    Classic and simplistic... No one makes it better than yo momma, and don't give me any of that jar shit either
  8. 1. Vodka Sauce
    Literally perfection in sauce form. Perfect blend of tomato, creaminess and sweetness. Ideal on pizza and pasta! *swap out the marinara sauce on chicken parm with vodka sauce and you'll never go back*
  9. ***insert Clam Sauce in between Pesto and Pomodoro: bad for seafood haters, but it comes in red AND white versions. Always a family favorite***