1. 2pm : Wooo yeah American Pharoah!!!
  2. Wait the big race isn't until like 6:45? What the hell?
  3. Gonna sip some Prosecco because everyone at Belmont looks so damn classy
  4. Omg what if one of the horses has to poop?!?!
  5. I'm only 5'3, totally could've been a jockey... Watch out Victor Espinoza
  6. And they're off! Go go goooo!
  7. I literally never care about horse racing, why is this so exciting?
  8. He won! 1st triple crown winner in 37 years that is unreal. I love horse racing...
  9. Wow that triple crown trophy is so fucking underwhelming
  10. 30 seconds later... I'm over this please bring on the Stanley Cup
  11. Wow I'm the only one excited about the Stanley Cup, maybe I should move to Canada ehh?