I work as a cashier at an upscale grocery store in NJ
  1. "There are no big soup containers left, can you go to the storage room and get me some?"
    Yeah lady, it's Sunday and super crowded. I also am ringing up customers at my register, and the line goes back at least 5 carts.
  2. "There's no sliced watermelon out, can you cut me a fresh one?"
    I don't work in the fruit department ma'am. However you can buy a whole mini-seedless watermelon for about $5 cheaper and cut the thing yourself... This is not good enough and she insists that I still cut her a watermelon.
  3. "You don't have any cake bags left? You're not nice."
    True story. It's Christmas Eve and the store ran out of "fancy" cardboard bags to put pastry items in, shit happens people. Your cake will still taste the same regardless of which bag you put it in. Anyway, I told one old lady that we were out of them and she proceeded to tell me that I wasn't nice and was a nasty person because the store was out of cake bags and demanded that I find her one. Yeah let me make one from scratch for you, merry freakin Christmas.
  4. I was given a business card by an old Italian man.
    He owned a lingerie business
  5. A customer dropped something in order to have me pick it up and then deliberately grab my ass
  6. Mhmmm delicious
    Parents never pay attention to their kids. One parent was talking on her cellphone, rude to begin with, and did not notice that her young some was literally chewing and licking the payment pad. There was not enough cleaner in the world.
  7. "I have more than 7 items, is that okay? Well actually I'm coming on your line anyway"
    1. We can't say no to customers or else we get in trouble 2. She literally had 40 items 3. I got yelled at by customers behind her for letting her on the line 4. She didn't say thank you