I graduated UD with a degree in elementary education, and it is my absolute dream job. However sometimes I think what other careers I would have potentially pursued.
  1. Sports marketer
    Basically all I watch on tv and I follow hockey, football and baseball religiously. Who wouldn't want a career that revolves around that?
  2. Nurse
    I love helping people and have been told that I am very good at calming people down. Unfortunately I am incredibly squeamish so this would be the best fit for me.
  3. Interior designer
    I'm a self confessed HGTV addict. Basically if I could do a NJ version of Fixer Upper I could die happy.
  4. Food and wine critic
    Self explanatory... Afraid of the massive weight gain that may accompany this.
  5. Fitness trainer
    Basically trade lives with Heidi Powell and have a fabulous fitness empire
  6. Actress
    Live the glam life and have the ability to do mostly comedic performances, but can easily transition to more dramatic roles.