Added links to all the stories. Feel free to suggest your own. I'll add more when they come to me.
  1. Frank Sinatra Has a Cold; Gay Talese, Esquire
    Maybe the best profile ever written. An incredible look at an icon as he turned 50. I'm a fast reader, and it still took me 40 minutes to finish. Not for the faint of heart.
  2. Elegantly Wasted; Neil Strauss, Rolling Stone
    A gorgeous profile of my favorite band that straight up tells it how it is. Beautiful piece.
  3. America is Not for Black People; Greg Howard, Deadspin
    Incredible piece about the hardships that black people face in America.
  4. LCD Soundsystem's Last Stand; Chuck Klosterman, The Guardian
  5. A Night Without End; Flinder Boyd, SB Nation
    The emotional and haunting human interest longform story of basketball player Kimani Ffriend and Nevena Dragutinovic, the woman he killed in a drunk driving accident in Serbia.
  6. The Girl in The Window; Lane DeGregory, Tampa Bay Times
    Maybe the best features writer alive writing an incredible story. Won a Pulitzer.
  7. The Case for Reparations; Ta-Nahesi Coates, The Atlantic
    One of the most powerful pieces in years, written by THA GAWD himself.
  8. Meet The Bag Man; Steven Godfrey, SB Nation
    How to buy college football players in the words of the people who deliver the money.
  9. The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons; CJ Chivers, The New York Times
    A haunting story about leftover chemical weapons in Iraq, and where they're located (hint: under ISIS).
  10. The Man in The Van; Eli Saslow, ESPN
    The weirdest baseball player alive is in his early 20s, throws 96 on a bad day, and lives in a van.
  11. Ryan Anderson tries to move forward; Chris Ballard, Sports Illustrated
    A heartbreaking story about picking yourself up after unimaginable tragedy.