I've built sort of an unfortunate reputation on campus for being loud and annoying while people try to study. These harmless (in my opinion) acts have earned me the moniker, "the distraction."
  1. Laughed so hard at the "Liquid Swords" Biden tweet that I fell out of my chair during finals week. A sorority girl cussed me out, and I was escorted from the premises.
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  2. Double-fist-pumped the sky while watching a USMNT game, spilling my vanilla bean on the poor guy next to me's notes.
  3. Ripping tequila shots on the second floor as a pregame for the bars.
  4. Ordered, and ate three full rolls of sushi, and miso soup instead of working on a group project.
  5. Screamed "SUCK IT IZZO" in the Japanese reading room when Michigan state lost a game
  6. Sprinted from my chair to the front door because someone told me Shane Battier was there.
  7. Doing an entirely accurate Nixon impression on a dare while a TA held office hours.
  8. This.
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